Stomping Christmas…!!

25 Dec

To hell with the last minute shopping.

Yesterday we treated ourselves to a trip to The City – Leicester Square, Ambassador Theatre – to see Stomp2013-12-24 14.30.34

Been on my list forever, since pussy was a kitten and before BB was born. And John and I have been angling to get there for a couple of years but now the box is well and truly ticked.

The show was every bit as good as I thought it would be. And more. Loved it. Loud, energetic, funny, inspiring.

If there was a downside, it would be the total ban on photography inside the theatre so, sadly, no pics for you here.

Well just the one then…2013-12-24 14.30.20Afraid this is as good as it gets folks.

Do follow the link to the Stomp website if percussion is your thing – it will give you a good idea of what they are about. If you didn’t already know.

A trip on a train/ London Underground/a visit to the city/ a pub lunch – all splendid stuff. I am easily pleased.

A great day was had by both.

Brief boatie news: river is up, unsurprisingly after Monday’s storm [boy, did the boat rock] and DDA is awash in places…001 003 004 006

But my superb new jetty makes life so much easier.

Even if Hobo has risen over a foot, meaning a wee step up to get on board, but a far cry from the suicide walk down the old plank onto a soggy shore up to the ankles in muddy water.

Gas bottles now cunningly concealed within John’s latest masterpiece…010

Keeping the regulators dry and my immediate surroundings less of a pikey site.

So all is well in Boatbirdland this festive season and we two are all set for a cosy day feasting by the fire.

All the very best to my readers this Christmas time and hope you have the day of your dreams and whatever it is that floats your boat at this time of year.

And what of those folk who don’t visit here?

Guess they’re off my Christmas list then…

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