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Winter Draws On..

9 Dec

So many of my posts are inspired by something I see and subsequently capture on camera. Then I build the words around the image.

The water’s reflective surface adds dimension to almost any subject, not least the good old sunset…


And this was tonight’s glorious gift.

Some might say I have done this subject to death but such scenes never fail to mesmerise and fill me with wonder. I have been known, on several occasions, to pull off the road if driving (I’d crash otherwise) or steer into the bank if boating, to watch the sun go down.

This particular shot was made up of half a dozen overlapping snaps that were ‘stitched’ together in order to reproduce this glorious panorama.

Sunsets over the water are often stunning,  but almost surpassed by those of the Fens where those big skies make for truly spectacular visual treats…


Lovely farmyard scene, courtesy of John boy.

And I like the inclusion of the weather vane on top of the shed in this one…004 (5)

Looks good in silhouette.

It’s not only the river that’s being reflective though, it’s me too. You may have spotted that all by yourself. Can’t help it I’m afraid – time of year. But more of that another time.

Haven’t been up to much, not a lot to write about here anyway, so this may be a shorter than usual post.

Just preparing for the winter – like we do – making sure the coal mountain doesn’t turn into a molehill, plenty of spare gas in the right place and finally getting around to packing away summer and digging out the winter woollies.

So anything remotely flimsy and incapable of doubling as a layer of warmth [and certainly the shorts] has been consigned to a few months holiday under my bed.

Had two new car tyres fitted but still need to check on the anti-freeze – both car and boat. Must also top up Hobo’s diesel tank to ward off the fuel bug and make sure the new deck terrace is anti-slip.

I am tirelessly trying to time my shopping so as not to coincide with those people that do Christmas big-time but this at time of year that’s always a fail.

Lucky for me, I live and move within a place full of pictures that beg to be taken – the unexpected, the beautiful, the colourful, the unusual… 100_0988A houseboat with no engine, propelled by pole. Truly life in the slow lane.

And the amusing…100_0946

Until I come to clean the roof that is. I don’t often get to see this – I usually hear it from inside the boat and put the picture together in my head.

It is, as someone once said, the biggest garden in the world. Ever-changing.

All year round…100_1532Even at night…100_1105

I look forward to whatever brilliant photo opportunities pop up this coming season – maybe some with a South African flavour (albeit it taken by proxy) and to turning them into some writing for me and a bit of a read for you.