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Happy New Year..!

31 Dec

I love this time of year.

With silly season behind us [there is a god after all] and a new beginning on the horizon – I love new beginnings too – it’s like the slate has been wiped clean and the perfect time for a fresh start.  A whole 12 months of who knows what to look forward to. Exciting.

And I’ve a strong feeling that next year will be a good one. Don’t know why, just feel it in my bones – or maybe that’s Arthur [Writus] a new ‘friend’ that seems to have moved in with me.

Arthur aside, I’ve come over all positive about 2014 and have an unshakable belief that good things are about to happen. Lets hope so – for all of us.  I deserve it, not so sure about you as do you…

But be sure I shall share events with you here, hopefully some good pics too, whatever the new year brings, and look forward to your continued visits to my blog. Likes and any comments are always welcome – keep ’em coming – they make me stop thinking I’m talking to myself here my little world go round and keep me a very happy boatbird.

That’s about it then for now except to wish you all a fabulous 2014, be happy and healthy… images[4]

And keep smiling xx