Off we go then..

12 Jan

Hurtling headlong into the new year. Twelve days in already.

So what’s the story so far?

River’s been up and down like the proverbial, no surprise there, Hobo’s been rocking and rolling in the wind and wellies have become a way of life…011

Mud has taken over down in dog-dirt alley…006

That said, life is good and I still feel positive for 2014.

My beloved has flown south and is, until the end of March,  in another hemisphere. One where it is summer with constant heat, sunshine and biting things. I feel for him but someone has to go there.

And I remain here with the wet, wind and mud. My choice.

Apart from being sensible, not a trait usually attributed to BB,  I want this year to be the one when the writing really gets off the ground and starts to earn its keep.

And to do that I have to write.

I’ve make the mistake before of thinking that this can be done anywhere but, in reality, it can’t. Or at least not by me. I can be so weak in the discipline department.

I need to establish a routine I can stick to. Without distractions. Even cruising is a huge distraction for me, let alone being in a foreign country where the weather is wonderful, scenery stunning and people so engaging. I don’t stand a chance.

But it’s all still there in my head, adventures past/magical moments/people stories, to be dragged out and turned into words and used for profit.. one of these days.

Of course I’ll miss it.

Especially this…098

and this…SA Summer 2011 and 2012 001 (3)

and this…100_1730

and this…038

and of course, this…SA Summer 2011 and 2012 028 (2)

And so, so much more besides.

But I’ve been busy.

I’ve joined a writers’ group – for motivation and education.

A reading group – for inspiration and socialisation.

A Pilates class – to make me strong and supple, give me good posture and stop me from seizing up. And I’m going to check out the local pool and get swimming.

That’s pretty good for me. Bloody excellent in fact.

I’ve had one friend to visit and another is due to come down later this month. And that’s a big deal, given I live so far away from them these days.

Maybe even get some boating in, given decent weather, when friend no. 2 pitches up. Hope so.

This weekend would be perfect for a chug – no crew. Bugger.

Still, perhaps if when the Pilates makes me strong I’ll be able to do the locks on my own. Now there’s a thought.

I’ve re-established contact with another friend and hope we can meet up again in the near future. He’s never seen Hobo down at dog-dirt, so that would be good. In fact the last time we saw each other was when we did the Thames. And that was July 2011!

Where does the time go?

I’m determined not to let it get away from me this year and feel I’ve got off to a good start. Let’s hope I don’t cave in can keep up the momentum and clock up some writing credits.

I know at least one of my close friends has some serious challenges ahead and I wish her luck, and whatever else it takes, in rising to them. And indeed to all of you that haven’t reached that point where all is as you would like it.

That’s everyone then..

Nothing is perfect and, hell, I wouldn’t want it to be.

Though I have to say, that when I look outside and see the river, the beautiful, big blue sky [well it is as I write] and my never ending garden [let’s call it the countryside], it feels pretty damn close.

002 (4)

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