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From our Foreign Correspondent..

25 Jan

Many of my people seem to be off to sunny climes just now. You know who you are and I hate you all.

For those of us not actually basking in the sun, here’s a look at somewhere really hot and dry…100_2508

John has been to visit his two youngest boys where they live and work on a farm near Aurora, on the West Coast of South Africa . It’s semi desert with temperatures around 40C.

He liked it there; far from civilisation and peaceful. The dirt road sees no cars at all some days.

They grow some sizeable specimens…100_2556100_2548

And is home to some interesting birdlife…100_2545100_2518100_255375040_695409673836844_1430681968_n[1]Some tamer than others…100_2523


Conrad here is in films – as an extra – what a poser very photogenic.

He’s also a good cook – I remember this from my travels of a couple of years back – this time serving up deep fried rabbit strips…

100_2502Which John pronounced delicious.

Geoffrey, the youngest, is the outdoors type…62070_1666184537737_500305_n[1]


Well they both are really.

They were involved with an anti poaching unit up near Kruger before. Exciting stuff. They’ve recently been offered work on a Big Game Farm near to Port Elizabeth, which they are about to  start I believe.

Not sure who looks roughest in this one…100_2542Only kidding!

Wow, sunflowers…100_2561

Now where have I seen that before…?001 (7)

Ah yes, that’s it!

Spot the UK one.

Well apart from monkeying around in a restaurant on the way to PE…100_2571That’s all the pics I have so far. Hopefully there will be more to come and I look forward to sharing them.

Beats banging on about the mud.