And when we Weren’t Messing About on my River…

26 Nov

We took a ride over another one. A big, important one.

Remember this ?

We said we would do it.

The cable car over the Thames…029Here we go…030So pretty at night…034And that’s where we land…037Except we did the round trip.

Only takes about six minutes in total, no queues and £6.40 return (with Oyster card).

Very pleasant.

A couple of drinks by the river afterwards rounded our day in town off nicely, having earlier visited the British Museum along with TJ and Uncle Mike. We kept him on a lead this time so couldn’t lose him – you’ll know what I mean if you read the earlier link.

We we saw a lot of this…013

And this…021This…023Am liking the dogs.

Could this be the first gay man…?024Rosetta Stone025Interesting stuff but far more than one can do in a day. It never ceases to amaze me how much time is spent getting about in the city – don’t get me wrong, it’s fun – and I particularly liked the Docklands Light Railway ( a first for me) and the view it gives of Limehouse Basin.

To misquote someone or another… ‘You can take the girl out of the boat but you can’t take the boat out of the girl’.

So we’ll just have to go back. Maybe take in a show – I vote we go to see Stomp.

Always wanted to. Tis on the list.

Train back to Dagenham, where Mike lives, and then on to a pub that served food until 11pm – can you believe that? As it was by this time gone 9, and we weary travellers all starving, it was a great find.

The first pub we tried had packed up food early but a couple of locals (brilliant characters – Irish) pointed us in the right direction.

Meals and service all good, so thank you gents.

And thanks to Mike and TJ too who, as well as steering us safely through the London Underground between them, also treated John and me to supper.

Nice one boys.

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