What a Difference a Day Makes – The Sequel

25 Nov

Too good to be true wasn’t it..

BB waxing lyrical about the new mooring position. Serves me right. A week down the line and am told by the powers that be… “You can’t stay there”.


After a scrap in the car park calm, controlled conversation with she who must be obeyed (The Farm Owner), several points were agreed.

* The white cruiser would be moved to the ‘council end’.

* A 20ft narrowboat would be brought back to replace said plastic.

* Hobo could sit in space remaining and wood/scaffold poles/clamps were available for jetty building.

Having paced it all out – again – John decided this would work and only went and offered to move all the boats about, volunteering BB and Hobo for tug services.

Firstly, the little cruiser was towed behind Hobo and dropped off up the other end. I must confess to a perverse kind of pleasure in getting this particular craft out of my immediate vicinity and seemed fitting that Hobo was the one to have done this.

Then we carried on up river to a point where we could turn Hobo about and back again, taking in a little Autumn colour on the way…001

to pick up the short narrow.

We decided that breasting up was the best towing option this time and once strung together… 006we headed back to the allotted spot…010

under close supervision…011So we behaved. Naturally.

Boats untied from each other, little boat secured and then.. Yay! Still enough room for Hobo. So far so good.

Sadly, boarding was going to be a pain once more. Back to walking the plank…004

Yes, by now the old rotten jetty had been ripped up and recycled so my long awaited new one was now urgent.

And, lucky me, the very next weekend John and GI Joe come to the rescue…010They get some valuable advice from my pop-up neighbour…003What a super day for it – just look at that sunshine..!!

Joe gets physical…001and busy…007Bit worried about John though…009

Looks like narcolepsy to me…008On the other hand, it could be fatigue or hunger so BB got busy with the bread and the bacon and kept the cups of tea and lucozade coming. Or it could just be acute boredom.

You decide..

Joking aside, they both worked like n*gg**s.

But I can’t say that word.

Getting there…017Cute little 20 footer isn’t it? And much easier on the eye than a neglected old cruiser.

Before you know it…022I have a jetty – no it’s a deck. Hell it’s a dance floor..!!

You will have noticed that I am back under that wonky tree. Oh well, what’s the worst that can happen..?

I am delighted. This has surpassed all my expectations. Thank you men, ever so.

Another session is planned to finish off – daylight hours being a bit precious – I am to have a gas/coal/wood store too. Never bin such times.

I did a bit of titivating today…001Just need to add some winter colour to those pots now.

Table and chairs..? Patio heater..? Rocking chair..?

The possibilities are endless.

2 Responses to “What a Difference a Day Makes – The Sequel”

  1. Jose November 26, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    Must get down to give this whole irregular set up a once over. Just checking that it is a suitable spot for my old mate – Christmas might do it.

    • Boatbird November 26, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

      More than welcome my friend, be lovely to see you anytime.
      Irregular? All above board here, don’t you know…..

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