Onwards and backwards…

5 Oct

It was beginning to feel like I’d put down roots, or should I say dropped anchor, at Cheshunt. Nice as it has been, it’s time for a move. So last weekend saw us doing a bit of a backtrack manoeuvre.

As we get ready to leave, an interesting double-decker affair arrives…001 (4)003 (4)I’d really have liked a look inside to see how the space worked but owners not aboard. Have to leave it to my imagination then.

We spin round by the ice-cream boat and head upstream on waters which, after several weeks playing about on them, are now familiar to us.

Perfect timing at the first lock we come to…004Not only another fine example of a working ‘working boat’ and opportunity to top up on gas/diesel/coal, but their coming out means a set lock for us. Hooray!

We know this lot from their time moored close to my permanent mooring. Nice peops…005 (2)Who just happen to favour the same brand of beer as John…OSH-MG-Crowner-1[1]

This is more to my taste, though I’ve not seen one of these hereabouts – more’s the pity…711492_10202166538346066_1323660107_n[1]Sent to me by a friend who saw this in Berkhamstead and thought of me. Now that’s what I call essential shopping!

Anyway BB get back to the point.

We didn’t get going till quite late, due to much mechanicing (thank you John) in order to fix the relay and battery charging issues. It is brilliant that it’s sorted but means we reach the lock at the junction of the Lea and Stort in total darkness. Not something I ever fancied negotiating but, with tunnel and cabin lights on, was surprisingly workable.

Even less planned was the twilight toilet tip out. But hey, who wants to see when one is doing this job?

There’s mooring on the left as we leave the lock and, having managed to pass right by the best available spot, we execute a turn in what seems like a lake, then moor up for the night. Turns out our new neighbours think we are a UFO as the tunnel light is still ablaze!

Now I thought we were being a little rash – cruising in the dark – but, as I was just drifting off to dreamland, two other boats chugged by heading for the lock. It must have been around midnight by then and the driver of the second boat was singing at the top of his voice! Never not interesting this cruising lark.

In the morning we do a little tootle towards Stanstead Abbots, very pleasant too, before turning once more and hanging a left onto the Stort.

John has work to do at the airfield so makes sense to place Hobo close, and we decide that it will be a good move to revisit the Stort. Roydon to be precise.

Not at the same spot as last time – I like to think we learn as we go – but on the towpath away from the noisy road…

001An altogether quieter spot with great views of the countryside…002Turkey farm…001Pretty bridge…003

Which provides entertainment for me – mind your head…005But to date nothing more than a rapid run along the gunwale by the first mate to remove the chimney. That said, there are a few boats about with mangled chimneypopples so there is fun to be had/witnessed. Just need to be in the right place at the right time. As ever.

On the other hand, the view from the kitchen sink is less than stunning…006I shall have to spend less time on the washing up then. Shame.

I’ve managed to put a coat of primer on the ailing hatch, another required before topcoat…005

I think will only be a temporary fix though – the wood is buggered – until one day John manages to craft another from oak that he has in readiness. Tidies it up for now. I have, finally, come to appreciate that these ‘little’ tasks must be tackled sooner rather than later, before they turn into A Big Job.

My gas water heater is still out of action; new thermocouple still not arrived and supplier  (7-10 days down the line) still quoting 7-10 days. Currently trying to track down a supplier of thermocouples, rather than a supplier of parts for my Rinnai heater, who could, maybe, match to a sample. Means the existing one has to be removed, by way of a pattern to match to, but it’s not like the geyser is actually doing anything useful right now.

My good friend – a very helpful and multi-talented chap – will be here on Monday to do some re-wiring work for me so…..

Nothing to do with anything but a couple of my current favourite landside things.

My surrogate kitty…018Morning Glory…001 (5)

Anyhow, no immediate plans so unable to say when/what/where will be next.

But stay tuned. You’ll be the first to know.

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