Shopping Online

25 Sep

Here comes my delivery…001It adds a whole new meaning to online shopping, doesn’t it?

So civilised. Fired off a text last week to enquire when he was next coming my way and, true to his word, (well only a day late) here he is. And he did keep me informed of his delay.

Michael said he’d get to me sometime around 11am and even texted me to say when he was leaving the nearby lock.

He pulled alongside and humped a couple of sacks onto Hobo, right where I said I wanted them, and then got busy with the diesel pump…003And pulled Victoria over and tied on…005My diesel tank took a staggering 141 litres – I didn’t think the tank was as big as that even. Must be 200 litre capacity then, not 100. It’s all guesswork with boats – no gauges that tell us where we are or what is what. All part of the fun.

Our business was conducted in double quick time in an impressive and efficient manner. And he didn’t spill a drop.

I’m not easily impressed so that’s saying something, service with a smile and a friendly chat, what more could a boatbird want?

Off again, heading towards Hertford. See you later…007I managed to source a charging relay for my ailing service battery bank too. Being despatched today so should have in my hot little hand tomorrow. Midland Chandlers I thank you.

As for the thermocouple for the gas geyser… my friendly towpath trekking engineer called to say that, if his company supplied and fitted the part, it would cost me in the region of £200 – maybe more, given that they charge £45 per hour and start charging from the time they leave the last job. So more than a new water heater would cost and not really an option.

He gave me the name of the company (in Ireland) that would have the required part and suggested I order this online and fit myself (for myself read John). LPG doesn’t carry the same requirement for work to be carried out by a registered gas fitter and is a 5minute job. Allegedly…

If I was a total cynic, I would say that he didn’t want the job but I prefer to think that he was just a decent bloke doing the decent thing. Rare I know but in this instance that’s what I believe to be the case.

He wished me well, said to have fun and not to let the boat sink.

As ever, there is a cloud to this silver lining. I had a call from Hamilton Gas Products in Ireland informing me that they have no stock of said thermocouple and it would be a week before new ones arrive with them. At least they let me know though and you can’t ask for more than that, apart from not being out of stock in the first place.

So at least another week (and probably more) of boiling the kettle in order to carry out my daily ablutions and begging the use of a friend’s shower for when the hair just has to be washed.

Well, two out of three aint bad.

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