The Battery Train

22 Feb

Apologies for the ongoing reference to the railroad. It just seems to fit..and keeps on fitting. Do read on and look at the pics – maybe you’ll see what I mean.

Yes, my sexy new traction batteries are installed at last, working well and living happily in their new roller coaster carriage of a battery box. Well made, strong, dead functional and just puts me in the mind of one of those little pit trucks – hence ‘the battery train’ – fitted with sturdy runners underneath and (genius) a roller skate wheel. Need to add a bolt to secure in the ‘away’ position just in case of any unexpected head-on collisions.  As if…

All six batteries sit comfortably in the space where the old four 110 truck batteries used to be but this time I can roll them out for maintenance. Check it out…

Now you see them…100_1577

Now you don’t…100_1576

Neat eh?

Guided tours available, with tea/coffee and bacon sarni thrown in, just get in touch. **

It would be impossible to get above them to top up – there’s no way I could lift them and it is Very Important (been drummed into me, this fact) that they be regularly checked and topped up as necessary. It was a sizeable investment so makes sense to take good care. And I will because it’s easy to get at them; quite a luxury in the confines of a traditional narrowboat’s rear end. So to speak.

So big thanks go to my good friends who have made this happen for me. Where would I be without you? Sunk mostlike.

These new batteries can be discharged to 30% (unlike their predecessors which would only go down to 70%) and should give me days and days and days of 240v through the inverter when unplugged and out on the riverbank. Without having to run the engine.

I have yet to test this out but hopefully will. Soon. I have high hopes.

I hope to be off out for a day or two,  to make sure I can still drive the boat after all this time of being static, by way of a bit of a shakedown cruise. And if all goes well I might just move on to the Lea for a while by way of a change, subject to a successful recce.

It would put me closer to work so save me time and money, which has to be a good thing. And anyway, I’m desperate ready for a change.

Time frame is, as ever, a little unclear/flexible and will depend on crew, weather, mood…. the usual suspects.

Spring is around the corner though – despite snow and freezing temperatures being forecast for the weekend – so feeling right. And I know this because I see snowdrops, Hydrangea, wildlife behavioural changes and various other tell-tale signs. 100_1579


BB will be back soon, sure to let you know if/what/when and how.

** Just kidding…

2 Responses to “The Battery Train”

  1. Dave Palmer February 25, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    Those new batteries look superb! I cant wait to hear how long they last when you’re out and about 🙂 My alternator has been supplying an ‘over voltage’ charge due to a faulty regulator so I might need to invest soon myself…

    • Boatbird February 25, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

      Pretty good eh..
      I will report back for sure. Let me know if you do decide to shell out, I may be able to get you a deal. x

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