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4 Jan

The wreckage of my personal train smash has now been well and truly sifted through, analysed and moved off the line. So life can now get back on track.trainsmash

I am working on it.

There’s a lot of re-evaluating and re-balancing going on and I suppose a new year is as good a time as any to be doing this. Although maybe it should be an ongoing process. We all tend to take for granted what we (think) we have. Even me.

Yes me, the past master – or perhaps I should say mistress – of the low maintenance relationship.

As I thought, Hobo, life afloat and friends have sustained me and I have made it through silly season relatively unscathed. And I thank them and my people for that.

Hobo has contributed in unpredictable ways and not just the nurturing kind as expected. Or maybe not so surprising actually, she’s always been rather fond of spending my hard-earned. It’s a boat thing.

She grabbed my attention, demanding focus (and a tidy sum of money) when the last two remaining batteries of a previously four strong inverter bank gave up the ghost.

Lucky for me, a good friend from my Hartford days was able to help and has acquired for me 6 x 2v single cell traction batteries for no more than 4 x 110’s would cost. He has for now disconnected the inverter so I can sit on shore power for the time being. And once the new battery box is built and fitted, he’ll be back to wire me up, re-set the inverter and change my life forever. Power-wise that is.

I first saw these beauties in South Africa – it was love at first sight. Apart from looking dead sexy, in a nerdy sort of way, they really deliver.100_1557

I’m expecting more available power for at least twice as long and a possible life of 15-18 years!! They are actually guaranteed for 4 years, provided the maintenance is done and recorded. We’ll see about that – looks a bit onerous to be honest.

Anyway, watch this space for progress. Be sure that Boatnerd will keep you posted.

And all the best for 2013.