Ode to Jo

6 Dec

Here she is, the birthday girl – 58 – no never!

She’s clever and funny

Pretty and sunny

And we’ve been friends foreverscan0186

Growing up in Higham Ferrers – our stomping ground was Rushden

Mates through school

The queens of cool

Excepting when it came to men


Yeah, we got that wrong from time to time but never fought about it

We loved and lost

Sometimes at cost

Supporting each other when all went to shitscan0241

We travelled together all over the place – we sure had some surprises

Sometimes near – sometimes far

Southwold, Jersey, Canada

J & A Enterprises.scan0181scan0166

Such times we had back in the day –  some breakfast or dinner out eh?

We never lost touch

Lord no, not as such

Still best of buddies to this dayscan0188

I’m posting these pics – I’m so bloody mean

We may  look daft

But bugger we laughed

All great fun – good and cleanscan0040scan0041scan0042scan0175scan0184

This one’s for you pal – so forget all those cares

I hope that my rhyming

For once makes good timing

With apologies to Pam Ayres

So now I sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’

Have a great day

Don’t work – just play!

And I didn’t once mention the poo…scan0047Oops!

2 Responses to “Ode to Jo”

  1. Jose Kirby December 6, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Ha ha ha ha ha – what a wonderful birthday gift. No-one, to my knowledge, has ever written a poem about me and I am highly delighted, albeit rather embarrassed at some of the photos! Did you get your eye tests yet? Love Jo Jos Kirby Estate Office, Arthingworth, Market Harborough, Leics, LE16 8JT 01858 525431 Office 07801880908 Mob 01858 525535 Fax


    • Boatbird December 6, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

      I don’t believe that none of those likely chaps didn’t write you a love poem or two…..

      I happen to think that, with one possible exception, the photos are charming. We were beautiful – a shame we didn’t realise it then. And just look at those smiles…!!

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