Hot Hot Hot

17 Jan

Do not misunderstand me. No way am I complaining. But bugger it is hot here.

Just looked at Weather SA on the old confuser, which confirms my observations – bugger it is hot here. Except they put it like this –  ” Extremely uncomfortable, extremely hot and high veldfire danger”. That translates to 30 degrees plus, humidity of 77% (that’s the killer) and strong risk of bushfire. And that is for 10am! Yesterday was the same and the forecast for tomorrow is even more so.

Bush fire just over the road from here

On the bus or off the bus – makes no odds. So I have, for now, settled on the middle ground: the front passenger seat. If there is the faintest breeze I’ll get it here and it is, at the moment, in the shade. The natural air-con should kick in this afternoon – the cooling wind that almost always comes up after noon. At which point I’ll probably switch to the hammock or perhaps the rustic bench under the tree. Maybe I’ll just stand under the shower.

But until then best policy is to do as little as possible and drink plenty. I don’t have a problem with that.

While I try to remain motionless (but am still melting) here, John is once again working on the Uno in Hermanus. CV boots and wheel bearings now. Rather him than me. A kind friend has loaned his bakkie so that John can get about if the Uno has to be left in bits in the workshop, needing more time, parts or whatever. Still, it will be like a new car when done. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it’ll be one hell of a lot better/safer to ride in.

Think we’re off to PE next week, hence the purge on the car, calling at friends on the way and then going on to Anysberg where we plan to camp. This will be Road-trip no. 2 and just me and John this time. Looking forward to it but concerned as to who will water the plants while we’re away – they’re doing ever so well; be a shame to come back and find them all shrivelled….

You can see the little butternuts forming and there’s tomatoes, peppers and rocket – which we’ve sampled and pronounced delicious.

Baby butternut

Then there’s all the other cuttings, which without exception have taken, and have the makings of a fine garden. One day.

My mission today is to progress the brick paving that we have started under the tree. It’s easy enough to do and looking good so far. I’d like to extend it by way of a pathway to the shower too – nicer to walk on than sand when feet are just cleaned but still wet. But it’s going to have to cool down some before I can contemplate carrying the bricks to where they need to be – the wheelbarrow has a flat tyre.

I think it will be an evening job. Anyway, photo of completed work hopefully coming soon.

I feel my time here slipping away – only four weeks left now. So once we are back from PE, my thoughts will be of packing and the return journey. I look forward to being re-united with Hobo but will be sad to leave here – my sunshine home. All those half finished bus projects will have to be shelved until the next time and the boat ones resurrected.

The fires of the braai will change to those of the wood stove, (in front of which I shall still swelter), the shorts exchanged for longs and the flip-flops traded for Ugg boots.

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