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All Aboard the New Year

1 Jan

Let’s hope it’s a good one.

But you never really know what’s in store, do you? We bowl along, making our plans; maybe hoping for new beginnings/ better times or expecting more of the same old, same old. Either way, I don’t believe we have a hell of a lot to do with the outcome.

2012 for me?

I look forward to seeing Hobo and being on the water again, more adventures with John and spending time with friends. I hope to stay (or perhaps I should say become) healthy this year. I’m planning on getting a part time job – maybe a little cleaning number – to bring in some cash before the savings evaporate completely, leaving me unable to live the way I choose. In the meantime I shall write my socks off in the hope that it will make me a living. Heaven forbid I should have to get a proper job.

That’s all I need – how about you?

In any event, I hope you stay well and happy and have a lekker new year.