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Out of Africa..

3 Aug

Since we are having such a wonderful summer, I thought I’d write a bit about South Africa where it’s winter.

Not that the winters there are anything like ours. It’s often warm and sunny during the day though chilly at night. There may be rain – with luck – which is always needed desperately. And, of course, the days are much shorter.

That said…IMG-20180702-WA0002.jpgIMG-20180702-WA0001.jpg

They have had snow in the Karoo!

Blooming now…IMG-20180623-WA0006.jpg

Jade plant – AKA money plant.IMG-20180802-WA0000.jpgIMG-20180730-WA0004.jpg


Wish we had colour like that during our winter!

Remember this..?WhatsApp Image 2018-02-02 at 16.33.51

Claw marks of a leopard.

Then came the footprints…IMG-20180721-WA0002.jpg

So John’s youngest put out bait, by way of a dead sheep, and set up a camera.


IMG-20180722-WA0004IMG-20180722-WA0005The beastie itself. What a gorgeous creature!

In other wildlife…IMG-20180629-WA0000.jpg


And if you zoom right in on the second pic…IMG-20180603-WA0000.jpgIMG-20180527-WA0000-2.jpg

You’ll see this little sparrow loves to check himself out in the mirror. Might be a bit blurry.

Funny. John said he’d spend hours at it!IMG-20180722-WA0001.jpg

Kingfishers – African style. Again, you’ll need to big it up.

But it wouldn’t be Africa…IMG-20180715-WA0001.jpg

Without a spider.

One of the views from John’s place…IMG-20180704-WA0000.jpg

And another…IMG-20180618-WA0000.jpg

After the rain.

And the lower slope….IMG-20180616-WA0004.jpg

Of Table Mountain.

These giant cones…IMG-20180624-WA0001.jpg

Have their uses…IMG-20180621-WA0002.jpg

Nature’s fire lighters.

Looking cosy.

And finally…IMG-20180802-WA0004.jpg

Seen in South Africa but true the world over.


Remember Remember…

5 Nov

The fifth of November

Gunpowder treason and plot

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.guy-fawkes-gunpowder-plot-1605

I think his idea was pretty sound, given the state that our parliament is in these days. Even though he failed big-time, he did leave a glorious legacy that lights up the sky this time of year – usually for a couple of weeks before and after the 5th November. And any other time there’s the slightest excuse for making big bangs and crackling sky sights that get us oohing and aahing.

Come to think of it, I usually get my big fireworks fix in August. Have a look at this to save me the bother get the idea. It’s a marvellous event, trust me.

No plans to head out to any displays tonight though – no need. I have as much action as I need in that department that can be seen without leaving the boat. I’m guessing it comes from ‘Arlow.

That’s Harlow in Essex, in case you were wondering, a very special place just down the road from here, where good drivers, good taste and good boatbirds like me fear to tread. And a world away from here – Hertfordshire – albeit separated by only a couple of miles in reality.

I must brave it one day, with the camera to capture some of the sights, and do a proper post on the subject. I promise you’ll laugh like a drain like it.

Anyhow,  I’m getting ready for winter…


This’ll do for starters.

I get 3/4 days from a bag of coal so this lot should last me around two months – longer if I burn wood, which I will when I have it. And my stove will be going 24/7 mostly and keep me and Hobo’s resident creepy-crawlies sweltering and the paint on the outside blistering properly warm and cosy. I choose Excel over Pure Heat as it makes a lot less ash but the same price so I think a no-brainer.

The 47kg gas (for hot water and cooking) should be good for 3/4 months, at my current consumption of 13kg to a month (ish), so that should take care of the worst of the winter… if I’ve got the sums right.

It looks a bit pikey site needs a little tidying up but as my kind neighbours (Bill and Bill) hauled this lot from where the coalman left it (the other side of dog dirt alley) I can hardly complain about the neatness/whereabouts of their stacking.

No, I’m a lucky old boatbird and duly grateful.

So winter approaches, although maybe someone should tell that to the moorhen (not so) young. They clearly think they are surfer dudes…001

I wonder what this season has to offer. My money is on a cold one – we could certainly do without all the rain we had last year – though right now I hear it hammering on the roof and see it cascading down the windows. Of course outside – Hobo doesn’t do condensation!

Guess the shopping can wait a while…

Happy Bonfire Night people. Have fun. Stay safe.bonfire