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Down on the Farm, Pottering, Out and About – and a Project

28 Apr

One of the many delights of living on a farm; you never know what you will see next…001

In amongst the works in progress on the hard.

Is that really a big black bull…?004

Why, yes it is…005

A big black bull called Callum, as it happens, that the farm owner has been angling to get her hands on for ages.

He is being trained and taught some manners…006008

A rare breed indeed…011

And I don’t mean John.

I just love the young of the Highland Cattle – like little teddy bears…006014010

So damn cute.

We have lambs too…


Take a closer look…016019

Been doing a little gardening today, working on the pots of colour in the cratch…001

And on the bow…002

I ran out of compost so the ones for the deck will have to wait for another day.

Am delighted the radishes are shooting…003

We had to cover with the mesh as something was nibbling at them.

Great to think I shall soon be able to indulge my latest food fetish without swelling Mr. Tesco’s purse… Has to be a good thing.

My Aloe gave birth too…005

Aaahhh. Even if it does look like the logo of a well known sports brand.

I did get some shots of Ugley Woods the other day…005004006

Which, if I’m honest, I forgot I had. Though, as I said, the little bells not fully ringing just yet.

Though how such a pretty place can be called Ugley still beats me – has to be the best bluebell wood I’ve ever seen.

My tropical flower was feeling the cold…007

And headed briskly for the warmth of the car. It was chilly.

Sadly, the managing of the woods does not seem as on the ball this year – nettles and brambles getting in the picture.

This trotted by at one point on our country drive…026

And we passed this…027

Which amused us. Agricultural inventiveness at its best.

The pretty pink avenue of sweet chestnuts still not quite there – though only days away – so here’s a boring old white one to be going on with…022


023Majestic and magnificent. And out everywhere somewhere near you – unlike the pink jobs that keep us dangling.


And as for the rape fields…036_stitch038_stitch2

They even make the pylons look good…029

Loving those moody skies.

And Hertfordshire country lanes, complete with the John person posing – for scale and perspective of course…060

Are superb. Proper.

How gorgeous is this mix…


What a wonderful time of year – even if I’m not cruising. Yet.

There’s an exciting boat related project going on right now though, which will be coming to this blog very soon.

I am busy amassing photos by way of before, during – and  eventually after. But some of the early ones are on John’s camera and, in the interests of doing things in the correct order, I must wait till they are transferred to my computer – soon I hope.

Can’t wait to share…



Pretty Ugley

11 May

Ugley is an Essex village that happens to have beautiful bluebell woods, as well as a funny name, which we discovered by accident the other year and chose to re-visit on the way to the treehouse this Tuesday.

It’s a small but most worthwhile diversion if you get the timing right…

Which for once I think we did…Aren’t they gorgeous? 

All around you and everywhere you look, a beautiful blue haze seemingly hovers just above the ground. Totally stunning. And the perfume is astonishing, making a tramp through the woods a real delight.

No wonder they call it beautiful Ugley.

I am warming to Essex.

Silly thought: Ugley probably has a Womens’ Intitute too, which I certainly won’t be queueing to join. Think about it…..