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Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain

10 Feb

Just to let you know that the river here is almost back to normal, thanks to a couple of dryish days and some pretty efficient draining onto the land.

I’m making the most though ’cause it’s not going to last – yet more Atlantic lows waiting in the wings, bringing a possible further two inches of rain or so and yet more windy wind.

But you know all that.

And my own personal ark will continue to protect me.

Anyway, I went out today in brilliant sunshine, without the usual bundles of warm layers and serious waterproof  gear. It was heaven. Gorgeous. Not even a breeze.

But every silver lining has a cloud and, just as I arrived back, it chucked it down: cats, dogs, stair rods – you name it. Terrific. A short sharp shower, just enough to make me nice and wet before I’d made it across dog-dirt and on to the boat.

By the time I’d changed out of my totally unsuitable clothing and slipped into something more comfortable – and dry – put the kettle on and made up the fire it had stopped. Typical. Should have waited in the car.

Anyway, good time to nip out and fill the coal scuttle.

And there it was… 001


Whoa, never mind  silver lining, how about that?

Had to be stitched…002_stitch (2)

Bugger, didn’t even see it at first.

That twirly drier taking centre stage. How could I possibly have missed that?

But, with careful cropping and more patience than a score of saints,  it was wiped…002_stitch

How good is that?

It’s a bit of a cheat, but hey, why not? We have the technology.

From My Window

22 Apr

In a previous post I made reference to some of the things that gang up on me to tear me away from whatever it is I should be doing and it occured to me that perhaps I should show you what I am up against.Nice weather….…for ducks.Yesterday was all sunshine and showers here and gave way to the most stunning rainbow ever. I just had to leap up and go outside to see more…

…it was one of those perfect yet rare specimens that you can see both ends of, as well as the middle, and the light was incredible. A spectacular scene. Neither me nor my camera  was up to the job, sadly unable to capture its whole or to really do it justice. Hopefully the essence of the moment will come across in these pics.

This morning brought sunshine and white fluffly clouds that stood out against a beautiful blue sky; clumps of cotton wool suspended in the atmosphere like those in a child’s painting.…and Dobbins senior and junior came out to feed and frolic.It brought out the anglers too……and one man in his canoe.

I’d seen him coming through my cratch window at the front of the boat so went to position myself at the kitchen window, ready to take the shot as he passed. But he didn’t show up. I looked  forward again and he was taking a photo of Hobo!!We both had a jolly good laugh as he glided by. It really was a ‘snap’ moment and he did have a lovely laugh.

Notice how ‘de tren’ has snuck into shot too…?

So you see, in the last couple of days alone, there is much to take my mind from where it should be. And this is the norm. And minus the sound effects. Apart from jumping up to roll down the canopy each time it rains and again to open up when it stops, there’s always something afoot outside my window, albeit sometimes merely the elements showing off.

I can see that I have started something, which as well as whatever it is that distracts me in the first place, will now compel me to also photograph it for this spot. I feel it may become a regular feature of this blog.

I can also see that I shall have to keep my windows nice and clean….