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Tis the Season…

20 Dec

Happy Christmas everybody.

I hope this time brings peace and joy to you and yours, and that Santa brings you something special too.

I’m not a big fan to be honest, although I do love all the fairy lights, and fail to see why we should wait until Christmas to be jolly – or to adorn our floating homes with twinkly lights. And showing peace and goodwill to our fellow man is surely something we should all aspire to at all times.

It all seems very contrived and commercially led to me and no longer holds the magic it did when I was a child. To discover that longed for bike (second hand and re-painted bright red) or the Sindy doll with a couple of outfits was of course wonderful, as were all the foodie treats. That no doubt says more about my age than anything else…

But, even then, the real treat for me was when the adults all joined in with playing board games – Cleudo being my favourite. I was the baby of the family and, with three (much older) big brothers and a mum and dad who had to work hard to keep the wolf from the door, it was the simple things that made it for me. And, back in the day, I swear it always snowed…

This will be my sixteenth Christmas afloat and third here on the island. Apart from a few where I’ve spent time with family and friends or travelled abroad that is. I’ve enjoyed spending the festive season on board alone – or latterly with my furry friend…

It’s when my beloved cocoon really comes into its own; nurturing and shielding me from the big bad world out there. I’m happy with that.

But the real joy is reaching the winter solstice, and know that days will gradually lengthen from today. This really is something to celebrate.

So happy solstice dear reader, enjoy your festivities whatever form they take, and I’ll see you on the other side…

A Funny, Sunny Christmas…

24 Dec


Christmas here is somewhat queer

Down in the southern hemisphere

The days are long instead of short

And where a suntan can be caught

No cosy nights around the fire

No carol singing outdoor choir

No scarves and gloves and fleecy tops

Just skimpy shorts and flippy- flops

But don’t you think there’ll be no drink

‘Cause many a glass we shall sink

Of beer and wine and spirits too

As on the beach they barbeque

They’ll sing and dance in celebration

People of the rainbow nation

Santa hats and festive fun

Their smiling greeting second to none

I for one won’t miss the chill

But bask in sunshine just until

It’s time for me to homeward go

To my beloved boat – Hobo

But till I do there’ll be no moans

Of missing Slade’s non- dulcet tones

The thought alone fills me with dread

That I should hear them in my head**

My best to you and festive cheer

Here’s hoping for a great new year.


**Which of course I now do…




Bugger. Self-inflicted brain damage.