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We’re Getting There..

21 Aug

It may not seem so¬†looking at this…001

But, trust me, progress is being made. This clearly has to be fixed before the splash as has this…004And other nasty bits here and there.

All this loose stuff has to be dug out, right back to the chicken wire, then re-filled with a stiff old mix of concrete. It’s a case of eggs and omelettes really. Scary stuff nevertheless.

The little boat’s new position, as well as the prospect of sharing the cost of a crane-in, has spurred the John on big time. There’s now the space to get around the boat and to set up a useful work station – and that makes it all so much more do-able.

Realistically though, it’ll never be done by next Tuesday. But no matter, real efforts are being made to get her ready for the water – the operative word being ready. No point jumping the gun – would only result in disaster for sure.

While John concentrates on the structural side of things such as rebuilding the rudder…IMG_20150809_090534

Our very kind neighbour Peter, who is very taken with Ijcvogel, is enthusiastically putting in time on the essential prep work…006003005

Which is so, so important.

I’m itching to get some paint on now – she’s going to look so good – that will be my contribution. The thinking is to keep the same colour scheme, more or less, then the crowning glory will be the addition of a rope fender…007

Which John has acquired from one of the temporary residents. It will be fitted all around the boat’s middle and, as well as looking the business, may even be strong enough to act as a means of walking around the boat, once she’s launched.

For now though, the prep work continues. The oiling of the woodwork is not only enhancing – greatly – the look of the boat,¬†but has totally eliminated all leaks from the superstructure. Rain if it will – none of it ends up inside now. And that’s a real result.

There’s some superb wood…

002Which is really coming up a treat.

The trick is to not get too side-tracked with the cosmetics and concentrate on what has to be done to get her afloat. Painting will, obviously, be a whole lot easier while on the hard. John can be busy with the repair/rebuilding as well as fine-tuning the engine while this is being done by his dutiful slaves the little boat’s other adoring fans.

It’s hard sometimes to find the time/energy/inclination to keep at it but we are surrounded here by unfinished works-in-progress and abandoned projects.

And John is determined that his little boat will not become another.