About Bloody Time..

30 Mar

I’m not about to share with you just how long it’s been since Hobo was let off the leash but, trust me, it’s far too long.

I worried that Hobo had become known as HMS Neverbudge..!

I could offer all manner of excuses/reasons but I won’t. Let’s just say that life got in the way. Like it does.

The good news is…IMG-20180327-WA0000.jpg

We are out now and loving it!

State of that roof!

But that’s a part of why we needed to get off the mooring – to find a spot where I can clean off the winter’s grime.

OK, so we only cruised about an hour – including a lock…IMG-20180327-WA0003.jpgIMG-20180327-WA0002.jpgIMG-20180327-WA0001.jpg

Before we lost the light and moored up – probably less than a mile from base, but that’s really all it takes. A new view from the window and a new perspective on life.

If you ignore the roof for a mo, John has kindly captured Hobo’s good side. The other one, that sleeps under the willow tree, is pretty grim.

There was the odd battery drama in the days leading up to our escape, but hey, all sorted soon enough…with a little bit of help from my friends. Hobo’s engine sounds as sweet as a nut, no doubt enjoying a run as much as me.

Yes, so the John is back for the time being and we are making the most of it. Or we will, if the rain stops for long enough!

It finally cleared up late Wednesday afternoon, turning into a super evening. We decided to tootle a little further downstream, then turn and see how far upstream we could get before we lost the light.

This is the spot…IMG-20180328-WA0000.jpg

Where we moored on Wednesday evening. Gorgeous eh?

Gotta get on that roof and scrub…

I saw a barn owl in flight soon after we tied up, and heard the woodpecker hammering away in the wood, just out of shot to the left, on Thursday morning.

How good is that?

Friday afternoon now and still here. Still raining.

Maybe move again later, if the weather improves. Or maybe I should spray some fairy liquid on the roof and make the most of the rain…

There’s a thought.

Be sure to let you know when/where to next.




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