Hooray Hooray…and a Bit of Banksy

1 May

Hooray hooray the first of May, outdoor sex begins today!

A lovely little ditty that was told to me back in nineteen hundred and frozen to death by a little, wrinkled old lady who used to frequent my pub. She looked frail but boy had she lived. Still drinking/smoking/swearing hard – way into her seventies – she was possibly my favourite punter.

And I couldn’t resist sharing this with you on this first of May, or Beltane if you prefer.

Of course, May 1st follows April 30th, which you may or may not know is my birthday. It’s a tradition of mine to book a few days off around this time because, depending which days it falls on, gives me lots of time off without spending too many holiday days.

Clever eh?

So I am slothing for a few more days and loving it. It’s a good time to take the boat out…well it would be if boatbloke hadn’t buggered off to South Africa. Lone boating doesn’t appeal to me; I find the locks hard work and it just isn’t so much fun somehow.

Never mind, plenty of other mischief I can get up to…

I love a bit of Banksy, don’t you?


100_3059I saw this calendar (the only one left) just as I was leaving the local craft shop in December and thought what an excellent stocking filler it would make for someone.100_3060

But you know how it is when you really like something you’d bought for someone else and it just sort of doesn’t get wrapped up and ends up becoming yours?

Don’t lie to me now, I know you’ve done that too.100_3062

Anyway, being a new month, I turned the page in anticipation this morning…100_3063

May: my favourite month. It’s like the start of a new year for me, being the day after the birthday, nature is performing well and the weather is usually on the up.

That said, I like anything new. New shoes. A new day; a new month; a new season; a new year.


OK, so my indoor photography is a bit shite but you at least get a flavour.

100_3067They might not be his most famous ones.100_3068

But I find myself looking forward to seeing what’s next100_3069

100_3070And that’s what passes for excitement on the good ship Hobo.

OK, I promise I’ll get out and take some proper photos for the next post.

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