The best of the bunch…?

8 Sep

Could this be the best pier shot from Tuesday’s girlie get-together in Southwold…?

001I rather fancy it is.

Well done Bob Finch for this one, taken with my camera and cropped by me.

It’s not only good, it’s the only pic I have of the day. That’s because, unlike popular practise these days, we were so busy having a fine time that there was little time for recording it.

A special day for us all, as we started at Wellingborough High School together 50 years ago and have remained in touch, despite being a bit far flung nowadays, largely due to facebook. Much maligned, but it clearly has its uses.

And three of us – Higham Ferrers girls – go back even further.

To HF junior school…scan0040

Second row: 1st on left and 5th from right. Third row: 3rd from right. I wonder if you can match the faces then and now..?

Some of us were lucky enough to stay over and meet again on Wednesday morning for more coffee, cake and chat. And that was great too.

I loved the time we spent together and think we all turned out just fine, despite all youthful attempts to do otherwise! I love you all.

A special thanks to the brave blokes who tagged along, fetched and carried coffee and cake on the pier and drinks down the pub – and picked up the tab too. Heros one and all: Bob, Chris and Dave. I’ll hear no more bad about you.

Only kidding..!

And big thanks to Sharon, who had produced incredible portraits and presented each of us with our own spookily brilliant likeness. Very talented lady.

So girls, till the next time, keep going, keep smiling and, most importantly, keep in touch. With luck, there will be a few more of us next year when Jude is over and maybe we can pick a date that suits all. Never easy.

But for me now, South Africa is calling so that’s where my next post will be from.

More soon xx





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