Dumb and Dumber

7 Jan

Dumb: because I thought that fitting a new water pump would end my hot water woes. Wrong.

After one day only of perfect piping hot water and trouble-free showering I was back to square one. Minus one actually, because the main burner on the hot water boiler will not light at all now. I’m guessing the now constant and plentiful water pressure has scared the geezer to death. Literally.

It has a very nice home…003

Neatly tidied away in this purpose-built cupboard.

We’ve played the process of elimination diagnostic game and, as yet, are no further on. I don’t like to give up on the old Rinnai, which I’m sure has plenty of life left in it, but we’re a little out of our depth having eliminated the obvious…002But before we can go any further, John must do more disassembling/dismounting while I stand by and do the disgruntling.

With gas-safe engineers being as rare as hens’ teeth and their fees requiring a small mortgage, I have my doubts of a happy ending. Also, the local boat safety man (and, sadly, ex gas-safe engineer) tells me that Rinnai parts are no longer available and I should “bin it”.

It really goes against the grain for me to do this (without a fight) so I rang the very helpful local Residential Boat Owners Association representative, who lives in a marina just downstream of here, and he’s given me a phone number of a neighbour of his who may be able to help/advise and details of a chandler in Denham that can probably locate parts. So fingers firmly crossed.

The RBOA is an active and useful organisation, of which I’m a member, that has the interests of the residential boater very much at heart and will help out wherever it can. Its reps are all boatie people – often also liveaboards – so know exactly where you are coming from and can offer an informed opinion/relevant advice. And, if nothing else, good conversation being like-minded people.

I’m researching new water boilers, just in case, and rather like the look of a Bosch one with electronic ignition. No pilot light means lower gas consumption… can only be good.

For now though it’s back to hot water from the kettle…001Ooh-la-la!!

This pic of the kettle singing atop the roaring fire inadvertently (honest) capturing the John in his birthday suit – just after the basinful of kettle water wash in the sink routine. He doesn’t normally sit around in the altogether you understand..

But, with the frost forming outside, proof positive that living on a boat does not equal being cold. At all. Ever.

I have, however, gained extra storage space in the shower cubicle that is, frankly, no good for anything else just now.

Dumber: because I’ve managed to fill the bilge with water while topping up the water tank. This is possible because the breather tube has never been connected to the great outdoors; instead is fixed at the highest point possible above the tank and beneath the well deck. The filler sits slightly proud of the deck level though so any overflowing will end up in the bilge.

Worst thing is, I know this. I know this because I’ve done it before. Now I’ve done it again and have a water feature in the wardrobe. Again. So it’s a case of patiently aqua-vaccing…006

Until it’s all gone…004

Which of course will take days or, more likely, weeks.

And all because I thought it was a good idea to leave the water running while I did a few loads  of washing..

I like to think I’m pretty smart but do have blonde streaks put into my hair by way of providing an excuse when, like now, I do something so stupid. Once was bad enough but twice is unforgivable. I should be beaten.

Long term we’ve discussed running this tube to a pipe indoors that incorporates a kind of window, acting like a gauge. It would be ever so helpful to know the water level in the tank and relatively simple to do but, with so many other projects on the go at the mo, it’s not very high on the to do list.

A (rare for me) sleepless night last Thursday led to serious grumpiness and a total sense of humour failure on Friday but I’m over it now. My mum used to say “these things are sent to try us” but, try as they might, they will not get me down.

Because you know what? None of it matters, not a jot. I have health and happiness and a lifestyle I love.IMG_20141230_090346

So here’s to your health and happiness for 2015. The only two things that you really need.

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