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Live and Let Live

16 Oct

This may be a bit of a departure from the ¬†feel-good feature that’s normally here. Forgive me.

But I’m a smoker and I refuse to apologise for that…fag ash lil

Yesterday’s announcement of a proposed ban on smoking in outdoor public spaces has me incensed…bench

For now, it’s the London parks. But that won’t last. It will soon be nationwide plus in your own car, your own home… police that if you can!!

FFS !!¬†Leave Us Alone…smoking-in-park

And let us smoke in peace.

We’ve toed the line with the indoor ban – little choice really – and how about the huge contribution that we, as smokers, make to the pot by way of the enormous duty placed on tobacco? And where are those that blather on about human rights/civil liberties – are we smokers not human too? Is this no longer a free country?

Maybe, just maybe, second hand smoke is harmful. I can actually see that, in confined spaces, this could be a danger and may be unpleasant.

But, for pity’s sake, how does this apply outside? How can it be a health hazard, out in the open?

They say this act, if carried out in parks and so on, supposedly takes away from the promotion of health and fitness; the reason we have green spaces. Maybe we should ban fatties too – surely not a good advert?

They say it puts strain on the NHS: It has already been shown that overeating/drinking puts a far bigger burden on our health service.

They say it influences children to take up the habit: There’s plenty of things that take place in front of the children that no-one sees fit to impose restrictions on. Give kids some credit.

They say a lot of things.

No, it’s purely because some people do not like to see us smoke. They want to tidy us away. Sweep us under the carpet. Stub us out.

Why else would they also be talking about banning the E-Cig?in the bar

This faux fag puts no toxins into the atmosphere and, to me, seems a perfectly acceptable alternative; a way of indulging our compulsion, when otherwise not allowed to do so. Just because it offends them.

Well there’s plenty of things that offend me and no doubt plenty of you too:

How about badly behaved children – should we ban kids?

What about dog shit in public places – should we ban dogs?

Or eating with mouth open/spitting/rudeness/bad driving/queue jumping/talking over one another – and so much more – should we ban people?

Get real!

Until we learn to live alongside each other/be a little more tolerant/consider the feelings of others/educate, we are going nowhere.

Let’s live and let live or, in the case of we smokers, live and let die…deathshead

Or not…100

And if the powers that be are really concerned for our health and well-being, then stop selling them.

Pictures courtesy of Google images and rant by me.