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Spring Fever

20 Apr

There’s no keeping a good boatbird down.

And this one has acquired another job to replace the one that was so mysteriously lost – see the previous post.

Easy go, easy come.

The best thing about it is, I can work for 12.5 hours a week without it compromising my beloved lifestyle on the water or time spent creatively.

I have discovered that I can do mornings after all and will have to modify this little plaque…001

I’m thinking of removing the N and the T.

I get up at 6am, at work by 7-7.30 and back on Hobo around 10.  So I have the whole day ahead.

From Thursday till Monday (inclusive) I do my stint of 2.5 hours each day, also doing the other job on Monday and Thursday – still home by 4 on these double days –  leaving me several hours of daylight to play write,  at this time of year, anyway. And Tuesday/Wednesday have become the new weekend.

Just call me a scrubber Mrs Mop. I’m cleaning at a restaurant in Sawbo, which is within walking/cycling distance and it’s suiting me fine. I’ve done the career thing, more than glad I’ve grown out of it and  happy to do a bit of cleaning to earn a crust. No office politics/responsibilities/teamwork involved. Just a little job.

The writing is of course my main aim and I will do whatever it takes to allow me to do this. Intersperse this with a smattering of boat maintenance, relaxation, having that crack at some creative painting (boat decoration), learning to play the guitar – the list is endless – and I’ll be more than happy.

There is a slight snag with cycling to work though. My poor little shopper…My Rusty Steed

Has seized over the winter so requires a little attention. It did start off under cover but somehow got chucked back in the hedge moved out again, unbeknown to me, so suffered the full force of the extreme wetness that was our winter.

The WD40 is being applied every day to the chain, now gradually freeing up, and brake cables have been bought ready for John to replace when next here. Should be OK, once the tyres are pumped up, and fit for use after that.

By then I will hopefully have shaken off this horrid cold that is currently plaguing me – first one for almost five years – so with full lung capacity once more and minus the hacking cough, I should be able to push the pedals round. I’ve been struggling to walk even (without wheezing and generally behaving like a very unfit 90 year old that has chain- smoked Marlboro all her life) but, with the aid of a bottle of expectorant that John made me buy, I am on the mend and rapidly improving.

Man flu has nothing on this spring fever, I can tell you.

John made the trip down on Monday afternoon and I picked him up from the airfield on the way home from job no. 2. Perfect.

He’s planted some radish and lettuce in the little patch that he hacked back and dug over on his last visit…006

See here soon (hopefully) for the new shoots bursting forth.

And we’re busy planning the next step.

We think we can cut a new path through here…005

So as to avoid the lake that forms in the dip when it rains…002 (20)

And then de-rubbish/landscape/plant the rest of this area. It could look so good.

Meanwhile, I shall obtain some colour for the pots and tubs…011 007 002

To pretty Hobo up a bit, by way of introducing a bit of spring loveliness to my immediate surroundings.

Speaking of which…

We passed this glorious little front garden the other day, just had to stop and snap…001

That put us right in the mood to re-visit beautiful Ugley bluebell woods once more but we were a little premature it seems, the little blue bells not being fully opened, so will have to go back.

You can have a look here  to see some super pics I took a couple of years back.

It’s such a great time of year, with all manner of plants and trees coming into their own.  Along one of the nearby lanes is an avenue of Sweet Chestnut trees and, any day now, they too will be showing off. Will do my best to be there at the right time and secure some snaps – they don’t last long but are glorious.

Back on the Fens, John has been shooting the daffodil fields (makes a change from rabbits) for me to stitch…100_3110_stitch

How’s that?

Happy Easter.