River Dance

8 Feb

Normally a bit of a pussycat as rivers go, mine turned into a raging torrent yesterday…006 - Copy

Look a little closer…011

It’s running across the towpath…010

And into the field…007

Doing exactly what it should and draining onto flood plain…009

And, what do you know, there’s been talk of building here.

Are they mad?

Will they never learn?

Apart from anything else and from an entirely selfish point of view, it wouldn’t half spoil my outlook.

Which at the moment…004 - CopyIs not quite the norm…002 - CopyFortunately, the new landing stage is still above water – though only just…003

Much more heavy rain and that might not be the case.

A couple of the early shots were taken into direct sunlight and came out in black and white.

I liked the effect so, as you may have noticed, I played around with the rest of them – worked better with some than others.

Today sees the river receding some but the wind has come out to play. That will of course help dry out the ‘dry land’ – ready for the next lot!

You’ve heard it said – I won’t need much rocking…

Well looks like I’ve got plenty!

Crikey it’s rough out there…001 004

Quite a chop!

I have been known to say to those contemplating a life afloat “know that the elements will impact so much more on your life…”

Well, told you so this is one way they do just that.

I’ve had many messages from concerned friends who fear for my safety – even offering me an alternative place to stay. Thank you for that but I’m fine. Really.

In any case I must be vigilant and keep a close eye on things – ropes etc.,  so couldn’t desert the good ship Hobo even if I wanted to. And I don’t.

I bet there’s some people in Somerset that would be glad of an ark right now..

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