And so to Broxbourne

25 Aug

So we leave Roydon, the Stort and join the Lea, which eventually flows into the Thames at Limehouse, with its proper size locks that will take two narrows side by side and, more importantly, allow single gate entry/exit. This is of course the norm, just strange lock sizes that don’t allow this on the Stort for some reason.

This makes John a happy bunny as means less running around for him, though I have been good and helped a bit by pushing closed the odd gate here and there.  We have had a superb run of set locks though, just about making up for all those times we haven’t, which is most of the time now I come to think about it.

This end of the river is pretty, yet still wide and deep, unlike further down where it becomes ultra straight, flanked by pylons and all the signs of its previous industrial life. That said, we like that part too but for completely different reasons, not least the Anchor and Hope. What a great name for a pub. We moored there briefly one beer o’clock, the year we did the Thames – you have to scale the railings to get in from the river.

But we’re not going that far today – just to Frogspawn. I lived here before for a day or several (also 2011 en route to the Thames) a good spot close to a pub that has, most importantly, a decent car park to moor the car.

And here we are..100_1685Its a busy spot for the leisure boater, with a boatyard just up on the bend that hires out electric boats, rowing boats and also operates the big trip boats. The towpath is well-used too, walkers, cyclists – even a unicyclist carrying a lock handle (failed to get the picture – boo hiss). People-watching heaven.

All this bothers me not – lots to laugh look at and once all the boats are safely back in, it goes really quiet. Like someone hit the mute button. No jets, no road and even the inevitable train line makes a pleasing sound – more like the old clackety-clack and not the high-speed whine that is usual nowadays.

There’s woods beside the towpath; great for a ramble. I wonder where this path goes…100_1682Why the pub car park! That’s handy, comes out right by the boat or the car, depending which way you are going, and lets me sneak to and from the car without being seen from the pub cuts the corner off nicely.

Across the way lives the whomping willow..100_1684The view from the kitchen window I like..004See the bee right inside the flower?

And the sunsets aren’t bad either..100_1676Next day, left to my own devices as John is on the Combine, I take a stroll along the towpath. Amazing what you find there..100_1687There’s plenty of these about..100_1686But a special treat..100_1690Mr. Kingfisher, who obligingly posed for me and was in no rush to push off either so I got a good long look.

This hooned passed Hobo later on..100_1695Disco Betty, how very Essex. Although in Hertfordshire here, the border is close and they do stray across sometimes.

John popped down one evening and we went for a bit of a chug, by way of a battery charge. Took loads of snaps but mostly turned out rubbish. This is when we saw the unicyclist – failed to get it. Little dog in basket of bike speeding along the towpath with such a look on its face – also a fail. That leaves me with these then.

Towing activity..100_1706And a good brood..100_1699Another day, another set of rules for the weather. Chucked it down pretty much all day. Stair rods, cats and dogs – we had the works.

Whichever window I tried..002the story was..006exactly the same..008But rain never stops play on the river and there’s always those utter nutters game for a soaking.

I didn’t like to point my camera at them though, seemed rude, so just smiled sweetly and waved queen-like from Hobo’s dry inner sanctum.

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