Chop Chop-Busy Busy-Work Work-Bang Bang

24 Aug

Remember that ad? From the days when adverts used to be funny, sometimes thought-provoking and not all totally inane. Involved penguins as I recall but no idea what it was advertising. Anybody know?

Yes, Boatbird has been busy. Working. Working-for-money even. And you know what?  I find I quite like it…the work as well as the money. It provides enough for me to live on, just about, without having to dig further into my ever decreasing pot of savings, which is meant to be my old-age fund, rainy day money, holiday hideaway or emergency stash.Useful stuff money.

I do 3 x 4 hour sessions a week, at a time that suits me (11 till 3 – never did do mornings very well) which still leaves me 4 whole days to do with as I wish: writing, working on the boat, trying to be a painter, my own chores (if I absolutely must). Whatever. And, of course, any adventures John and I might get up to – the agriculture permitting. Which it doesn’t at the moment. Harvest.

Plus there’s the leftover hours on the days I do go out to work – provided I don’t sloth when I get home that is. Has been known.

And what is it I am doing?

Well, I too have turned into my mother and am cleaning for a well-to-do lady.  And if it was good enough for my mum…

Two of the three slots are dedicated to deep cleaning a very big old house, prior to sale, (a huge task) and the third sees me maintaining order and general cleaning at the (very busy) lady’s own home; a very nice one at that.

I used to work with a girl who loved cleaning and, at the time, I thought she was bonkers. But I have to say that I am getting a deal of pleasure from this and am actually finding it most rewarding, so can now sort of see where she was coming from.

Most of all though, it suits me well. The last thing I want right now is a ‘proper job’. Been there and it really got in the way of my life. This is different. I greatly value the flexibility it gives me, especially with regard to the writing, and the way I can still function ‘normally’ in boatbird land.  Now the period of adjustment is over – initially I was physically wrecked (such a sedentary soul) and mentally (the mere thought of going out to work) drained – I can once again focus on the wordsmithery, safe in the knowledge that I am at least covering my costs and getting some much-needed physical exercise.

To clean a house involves much bending and stretching, unlike on a boat where everything can be reached, pretty much, without hardly having to move a muscle. Well not in my world anyhow. A little light feather-dustering is about as challenging as it gets…

So that’s my excuse for not blogging lately. I will be making up for that. Promise.

You realise this makes me somebody’s ‘lady that does’ or ‘charwoman’ or ‘daily’….?

Just don’t call me scrubber – OK?

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