Things that float my boat

31 Mar

I’ve recently participated in a case study of liveaboard narrowboaters, now published on , which is worth a look if you are a narrowboat nerd like me – especially if you are considering moving on to the water – or if you’d just like to see some more of my wonderful wordsmithery (the unpaid for variety). Seriously though, have a squiz at this site if you’re at a loose end – it’s free to register, full of info and there’s lots of reading.

Anyway, this exercise involved me answering  pre-set questions about various aspects of living afloat, one in particular giving me a really hard time:  “What do you like most  about narrowboat life?” Well, you know me, I could wax lyrical on that subject for ever and a day… but that’s not what they wanted, that’s for here. No,  I was being asked to single out one thing, just the one, the icing on the cake, the cherry on the top, the very bestest bit. And it really made me think; a sort of count your blessings moment.

So that is what has inspired this post and here are some of the things (in no particular order) that do it for me – narrowboat-wise.

sense of community ~ simple life ~ pretty pools of shimmering light  reflecting off the water onto the ceiling ~ mist on the water ~ rain on the roof ~ wind that gently rocks the boat when I’m in bed ~ my woodstove ~ smell of the woodsmoke ~ sun shining through crystals that hang in the window making rainbows all over the boat ~ camaraderie ~ colourful characters ~ closeness to nature ~ wildlife ~ countryside ~ the unique perspective when cruising through towns and cities ~ planning a cruise ~ setting off ~ returning home ~ the cruising itself ~ exploring new rivers/canals ~ finding that perfect mooring ~ travelling for miles and still being at home ~ only having to travel a short distance to totally alter the view ~ being able to move home on a whim ~ meeting new people ~ making friends in the locks (or queue for) ~ boatie friends from before still keeping in touch ~ ability to drop off the radar ~ technology that works on the boat ~ pulling off a tricky manouevre with the boat ~ John congratulating me on this ~ anyone congratulating me on this ~ devising a clever new storage idea ~ John making it ~ it actually working ~ shops with moorings ~ pubs with moorings ~ being almost self-sufficient ~ being skipper ~ having an empty loo ~ having a full water tank ~ being in the middle of nowhere ~ having all doors and hatches open when weather permits ~ battoning down and feeling snug inside when it doesn’t ~ the pace of life ~ the friendly waves ~ hobo being in peoples’ photos ~ being who I am ~ shedding stuff ~ peoples’ reactions when they discover I have running water/shower/washing machine/loo/various home comforts on board ~ John bringing back wild flowers after a walk on the towpath ~ ditto mushrooms/wood/veg ~ sunsets over the water ~ peace and quiet ~ being able to reach most things without moving ~ being in bed and the boat swaying as John moves about and makes my morning cuppa ~ kisses and cuddles on the tiller while we’re on the move ~ peeking out of the porthole when I wake to see a different scene from the day before ~ being able to sit, stand, walk and dance on my roof ~ fresh air ~ Hobo not suffering from condensation when it is said that all boats do ~ kids pointing and shouting “Hobo” ~ ditto adults ~ kids saying “that’s so cool” ~

Imagine if you will (and you’ll need to be a ripe old age to be able to do this) the sound of a stylus skating across vinyl. This is the sound that signifies it’s time to stop. And for those of you that have soldiered on to this point, I will reward you with pictures…..

Swan on the ice

I apologise if this post has provoked a prolonged attack of puking and promise to redress the balance in the next one, which will concentrate on the not so nice element of this lifestyle. But it could be a considerably shorter piece……

2 Responses to “Things that float my boat”

  1. Lorna April 13, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    Love the watery pics – you really are an expert photographer now – your passion for Hobo makes me want to get back on a boat. Loved the Henry Moore’s too – they look stunning in the setting they were created for.

  2. Boatbird April 13, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    Glad you like – am working on the photography and never go anywhere without my camera now, you just never know.
    And any time you fancy a chug on the river…..

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