15 Mar

                                                                                                              I love de trenz!

There’s another one..

..and another one..and another one

Sorry if I’ve conjured up the crazy mexican in yellow and green off the tele but I can’t help drawing comparisons with Bot River where they were heard but never seen. I remember approaching the tracks, time after time, hoping that today would be the day. But it never was. Narthing!

Yet we’d sit on the bus and hear them chugging away, several times every day and I was at the point where I was almost ready to jump in the car and see if I could get to the crossing in time. If it was hauling uphill I might have made it and have to admit to being able to tell the difference between up and down by the engine note. Sad eh? It’s just that I thought they might be a bit different – in a wild west sort of way. I’m not that much of a trainspotter – really.

Not the case in Sawbo, that’s for sure, they’re everywhere. Daytime, nightime, all the time. Very visible. I don’t even have to get off the boat and, bugger me, there’s another one slicing through the landscape. In town you are guaranteed to be held up at the level crossing and they always seem to come in pairs too – one from either direction – so can be a long wait. It is a main line into the city – Liverpool Street I think.

I think the only time I saw trains I saw in SA was in Uitenhage. And they were splendid – real old fashioned style. And in a museum.

And the photos are on John’s craptop in South Africa, which does rather spoil my plan for the end of this post………

So instead, here’s a look at the new foal over the way..

..with guess what in the backround.

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