Alternative Route

21 Feb

Who was it  that was boasting about knowing her way to and from PE? “Becoming and old hand at this journey” I think it went…

We were in the clouds as we climbed up and away from Knysna, headed back for Bot Rivier and the bus. Visibilty was atrocious, making the pass feel more scary than normal, and John said he would find us some sunshine. Once over the mountain and able to see again we took a detour off onto a dirt road, which led to the Rooiberg Pass, one that John knew of but had never driven. He said it would be a long stretch but spectacular and  hopefully the road would be in good condition. Conditions of these roads vary greatly, some can be horribly corrugated or potholed, and you never really know what you’re in for till it’s too late.

We were in luck; smooth and well maintained. And very spectacular. And it was sunny as promised.  Astonishing. It’s roads like these that make me enjoy driving all over again.

Hello Mr. Tortoise

This could be home

We didn’t see another vehicle, which is just as well because God knows how you’d pass. We did come across some creatures on the way though and stopped to say hello. I found a place I could maybe call home too – a bit of a project. We saw phone lines so presumably the internet would be available – miles from anywhere. Staggering. You could do a damn good job of being a recluse in these parts.

The Karoo

And then we are in the Karoo – a vast bush/desert area that stretches for miles and miles and miles and – you get the picture.

And just when you think you’ll never see civilisation ever again….up pops Ronnie’s Sex Shop. Really.

OK so it’s a bar actually; someone added the word sex as a joke and it just sort of stuck! I Like it there; super place, super people that have travelled from all over and of course it is a little quirky..

Johnnie and Ronnie share a joke in the underwear dept

Spot the dog?

Admiring my handiwork..

A couple of beers, a change of driver and off we go again. Me in the hot seat now as we negotiate another mountain pass, this time tarred, the Tradouw Pass. Stunning.

All this exploring takes longer than taking the freeway but well worth it.

Thank you John for making a liar of me.

I still have much to learn…..

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