Horse Fly: 1 Boatbird: 0

21 Dec

Come midday yesterday I was in such pain and the red-hotness had spread almost to my knee. Any attempt at arranging my leg vertically was agony – even without putting any weight on it. After googling insect bites and scaring myself silly, I conceded that a trip to the doctor would be prudent. They’re good here – OK so you pay around thirty quid for a consultation- and they fitted me in within the hour. ¬†Takes that long to drive there.

The very nice Doc ruled out allergic reaction but confirmed infection. The little critter had probably had its teeth/sting in something very nasty before it attacked me. Not a nice thought. I was also running a temperature apparently and, don’t you know, one more day would have seen me in hospital being fed penicillin¬†intravenously.

He has my attention as he explains carefully what I would have to do in order to beat this thing, hopefully without the hospital drama. A 5 day course of double anti-biotic pills, cream for the actual wound and go to bed. He did eventually relent on the bed story and agreed that I could sit with my leg up. (John said “so no change there then”). Take paracetamol too, if necessary, to bring down the fever, and apply the cream 2-3 times a day. And if I wasn’t any better by Thursday, I must go back. Oh, and he told me it would be painful. You don’t say…

My daily dose

On presenting the script to the pharmacist, I was strongly advised to also take a pro-biotic so as to avoid thrush. He might just be a good salesman but it worked – don’t need that as well. It cost even more at the chemist than it did at the Doctors’ (at least I can claim back on the insurance – I checked) and I have to take a total of eight capsules every day, not including the one I am already taking for the stomach job. I have had to draw up a chart of when to take what. Still, it is only for 5 days and a small price to pay if it works.

As I sit, leg elevated and fly swat primed for action, I remember how I prided myself that, at the ripe old age of 56, I needed no medication at all. How things change – and so quickly. With any luck, neither will be permanently required.

The good news is that already the drugs seem to be working and there has been a drastic reduction in the size of my leg. The pain is still ferocious when my leg is not up but the red-hotness is fading.

Good signs.

2 Responses to “Horse Fly: 1 Boatbird: 0”

  1. Lorna December 21, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    Hope your leg’s a bit better now – you seem to be having a great time – we are just re-acclimatising after gorgeous warm days in the Caribbean – it’s jolly cold back home here.
    Will email you some of our adventures when I’ve finished unpacking, done the washing, got the Xmas grub in, done the ironing, wrapped the presents, cooked the Xmas dinner to Cunard standards (that’d be a change – remember the cremated goose?) Nah – only kidding – still got that Caribbean relaxed feeling – have another rum punch!
    Have a great Xmas both of you.

  2. Boatbird December 21, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Hey, you’re back! Good that you are still lilting and look forward to hearing all about your trip.

    Leg is mending, swelling down but still very painful. The penicillin works for me so will soon be running around again but for now I’ll do as the doctor ordered and put my feet up.

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